With a passion for all things renewable - the team at Unlimited Energy Australia came together to apply the collective experiences in local, regional and international technologies and  actively promote a sustainable, unlimited and cost effective approach to providing energy to meet your needs.
We are a trusted provider in the development and application of hybrid renewable energy solutions across metropolitan and regional Australia.
We take pride in our innovative approach, customer first philosophy and cutting edge energy solutions.

CONTACT US today, and find out why we are a leading provider in the development of innovative and cost effective solutions to meet your needs.

Torsten Ketelsen
Managing Director

Torsten is the founder and managing director of Unlimited Energy Australia. With more than 40 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, both locally and internationally, Torsten provides a wealth of experience and leadership across a diverse range of industries.

George Zombori
Chief Executive Officer

George is the CEO of Unlimited Energy Australia. With a long career focusing on innovative sustainable energy solutions, facilitating the custom designs of solar based energy efficient solutions - George understands renewable technology. His extensive experience drives Unlimited Energy to open new horizons in the areas of off-grid and grid connected micro generators.

Tarek Ketelsen

A committed environmental engineer, Tarek has had extensive international  experience over a broad range of initiatives pertaining to sustainability and management of natural, environmental resources and infrastructure. Tarek has an ongoing and active role in advocating for the advancement of developing and remote populations both locally and internationally.

Steffen Silge
General Manager Business Development and Sales

Steffen is a proficient and innovative engineer serving the mining industry for more than thirteen years. Experienced as both supplier and miner in various roles, his expertise in project management coupled with his strong business acumen and technical knowledge underpin a proven record in finding practical solutions to consistently improve business performance and outcomes.