We're always working to provide the best products and solutions for your project, be it residential or commercial. We are committed to future proofing your system and making sure that you enjoy many years of energy independence.
The creation of a new energy efficient renewable system is more than just assembling the various components (solar modules, inverters, battery) but requires highly trained experienced design work combined with several years of specialised experience.

An effective system is only as good as the sum of its parts!
Unlimited Energy Australia always works to apply the best available renewable energy technologies, combined with practical and workable design solutions resulting in a higher system output  than out of the box solutions which are so prevalent in today's marketplace. We can show you how you can achieve a beneficial return on your investment in a shorter period of time and realise additional returns for the long term. 
We pride ourselves on our integrity and upfront approach and will do our utmost to ensure that any system we design will provide benefits to you for many years to come.
Consultancy services we provide include:
  • In depth consultations outlining the most beneficial and feasible system based on your unique application based on an energy assessment of your existing usage;
  • Concept design of grid connected energy and battery storage systems;
  • Design and install off-grid renewable energy systems;
  • Explore and recommend various feasible renewable technologies where you and the project will benefit; and
  • Supply of the latest technology energy storage system providing you with long life and high power output.
Use the form below to tell us about  the renewable energy & storage project you are working on or even considering  and we can provide the best advice and support to you.