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Award winning state of the art TESVOLT Lithium NMC battery technology using the safest Battery Management System 

A good battery storage system is like a clock. It needs more than just high-quality, high-performance components — it also needs these components to be perfectly synchronized.


  • 1-hour discharging (1C) - Fast charging is indispensable for high performance. If the C-rate is too low, the storage system must be very large in order to provide the required power output, which will make it unnecessarily expensive.

  • High efficiency rating & low standby losses - Every time energy is stored, some of it is “lost”. Storage efficiency ratings reflect how much of the stored energy can actually be used. The rating should be well over 90%, while standby losses should be no more than 5 watts.

  • Flexible expansion and exchange - In most systems, batteries can only be exchanged or added within the first few months of operation. The best systems allow for battery upgrades or replacements at any time.

  • Stringent safety standards - Storage systems should have cell-level monitoring, because this is the only way to detect early on when maintenance is needed. And battery cells should come from a trustworthy source. Leading manufacturers offer premium-quality cells which won’t ignite even when damaged. The prismatic battery cells used by TESVOLT won’t ignite even if punctured by a metal spike. And in the rare event of a fault occurring, you can rely on the ABO battery management system to detect it early on.

  • Durability and long cycle life - Battery storage systems deteriorate with every charging cycle. That is why manufacturers specify the number of full charging cycles that a system can complete before its residual capacity falls below a designated level. They also give the maximum battery life in calendar years.

  • Intelligent battery management - Maximum performance, safety and durability are only possible if each individual battery cell is monitored to ensure that all cells are always optimally charged and discharged and that any faults are detected early on.

We are the exclusive technology partner and distributor of TESVOLT Energy Storage Systems for Australia.



Energy storage system’s performance, durability and safety depend on each individual battery cell. That is why, at TESVOLT, we only use top-quality components — such as the prismatic high-efficiency cells manufactured by our partner Samsung SDI. We have developed a battery management system that eliminate the typical problems found in lithium-ion batteries. The TESVOLT Active Battery Optimizer (ABO) monitors the charging and discharging of each and every cell. This helped us to create a safe, high-performance, durable battery systems with an efficiency rating of up to 98%. 


Uncompromisingly high performance

The ABO battery management technology and premium-quality battery cells enable fast charging and discharging. With a discharge rate of 1C, our storage systems are suitable for professional use in agriculture, commercial operations and industry.


Module energy: 4,8 kWh up to MWh scale

- 1.0 C-Rate

- 100 % DOD

- Cells: Lithium NMC prismatic (Samsung SDI)*


@ 100 % DOD | 70 % EOL | 23 °C +/- 5 °C

     1C/1C 6.000 cycles

@ 100 % DOD | 70 % EOL | 23 °C +/- 5 °C

     0,5C/0,5C 8.000 cycles

- Operating Temperature: -10 ~ 50 °C

- Round Trip Efficiency (Battery): up to 98%

* 10 years battery performance Warranty


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